A Month of Mondays. A Post For You by Rebecca Wiener, CCH

A Month Of Mondays

A Month Of Mondays


January is filled with expectation. It’s a brand new year. It’s filled with hope and promise. However, if you’re in a place where you’re struggling to take action and you don’t take the action…well, January can feel like a month of Mondays. Filled with @#$%&

Why Am I A Hypnotist? A post for you by Rebecca Wiener, CCH

Rebecca Wiener, CCH

So many people ask me why or how I became a hypnotist. I mean, I KNOW that it’s an unusual occupation and has loads of misconceptions. So in honor of World Hypnotism Day 2014, I thought I’d share a little bit more about me and how I got here(to the coolest job ever).

Is THIS really your fate? – A Post By Rebecca Wiener


Sealed VaultGuess what? Your fate is not sealed up tight in a vault unable to be changed because of your present circumstances. Just because right now you are unhappy, ill, weak, sad, grieving, poor, lonely, etc DOES NOT MEAN

Re-Focus, Grasshopper!

“The car you drive has a large windshield, but only a relatively small rear-view mirror. The implication is obvious: What happened in your past is not nearly as important as what is in your future. Where you are going is much more important than where you’ve been.”   Joel Osteen

Rebecca’s Reminders

You’ll never see someday on the calendar…