A Month of Mondays. A Post For You by Rebecca Wiener, CCH

A Month Of Mondays

A Month Of Mondays


January is filled with expectation. It’s a brand new year. It’s filled with hope and promise. However, if you’re in a place where you’re struggling to take action and you don’t take the action…well, January can feel like a month of Mondays. Filled with @#$%&

Are Cats the Only Ones with Nine Lives? A Post for You, By Rebecca Wiener, CCH



The Gift Life

You know that I’m a thinker and a brainstormer and I approach things from the “What if/why couldn’t this is possible?” point of view. I don’t know what I believe about past lives and reincarnation. Actually, wait. I do know what I believe. I believe that it’s possible. I know that there are loads and loads of things I do not know and have not experienced for myself. I know that Africa is there, but I’ve never seen it for myself. Maybe this seems a little wild, and maybe it is. But, what if

Why Am I A Hypnotist? A post for you by Rebecca Wiener, CCH

Rebecca Wiener, CCH

So many people ask me why or how I became a hypnotist. I mean, I KNOW that it’s an unusual occupation and has loads of misconceptions. So in honor of World Hypnotism Day 2014, I thought I’d share a little bit more about me and how I got here(to the coolest job ever).

Is THIS really your fate? – A Post By Rebecca Wiener


Sealed VaultGuess what? Your fate is not sealed up tight in a vault unable to be changed because of your present circumstances. Just because right now you are unhappy, ill, weak, sad, grieving, poor, lonely, etc DOES NOT MEAN

In Love with You?

The best and most difficult relationship of your life will probably be with yourself.  Who else can you spend so much time with, love so much, be angry with so often, feel proud of, feel let down by, feel amazed by, and who will never leave you?  This relationship defines you more than any other relationship you will ever have.  This relationship affects

Check. Check. Check 1, 2.

Check. Check. Check 1, 2. Hey, guess what? Your body and mind never need a sound check. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. (Sorry I was channeling Taylor Swift for a moment. I’m very sorry if it gets stuck in your head like it did mine.) Your mind and your body hear everything.  They hear everything you hear from tv, radio, everything you see on facebook

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