No More Excuses

What would you think about being whom you want to be, and living the life that you want to live? 

Let’s just stop with the excuses.  Excuses are garbage that we tell others and ourselves when we don’t have the courage or desire to tell the truth. We have many fears.  We often fear failure and we sometimes fear success. 

The truth is this: You will never get what you don’t believe you can.  If you don’t let yourself hope because of fear that you might not get it, that it will be too much work, you don’t know if you are smart enough, strong enough, brave enough or rich enough, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE WHAT YOU DESIRE.  How’s that for brutal honesty?  You need to walk yourself through each moment of doubt while reminding yourself that you are enough. 

When you start doubting yourself and removing ideas from your head, your mind no longer has a map to your treasure.  Imagine your mind without directions.  What can creep in when there is no focus? More doubt, fear, sadness, grief, and even anger.  Why not fill your mind with focused thoughts of positivity?  I can’t think of a good answer to that question.

When you flood your mind with positive thoughts, images of goals and outcomes that you want, your mind has a place to go.  You mind will be focused.  When your mind is filled with images, sensations, and beliefs of positivity, there is no room for doubt, fear, sadness, or anger.  What you put in your mind, you will find. Rememer that. You deserve only the best. I believe in you.

Why Positivity Is Important

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
~Marcus Aurelius(121-180)~

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts
for you will never go higher than you think.”
~Benjamin Disraeli(1804-1881)~

“Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play
no jokes and cannot tell the difference between reality
and an imagined thought or image. What we continually
think about eventually will manifest in our lives.”
~Robert Collier(1885 – 1950)~

A Positive Start

The ultimate expression of a freedom of choice is choosing to bring to light a situation that is wrong, bad, sad, icky, impolite, painful, or any other negative option.  Why?  Because by bringing it to light, you decide there is a better a way.  You must acknowledge there is a better option.

Life we see around is largely negative.  Positivity is a choice.  It is an option that you can choose for yourself as well as choose to share with others.  As you extend positivity with someone, you create a choice for them.  They can continue to spread positivity as you have, or it can stop with them in that moment.  You notice that I choose the word moment.  You will continue to have opportunity to spread positivity with every breath you take.